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What causes snoring?

What Causes Snoring?

What causes snoring? Let’s demonstrate this with a simple illustration. Let’s assume you pass air from one end of a narrow tube to another. If the tube’s stem is not compressed, the air will pass through with negligible sound.

However, if you press your fingers on the tube, narrowing its stem, the air that passes through will make some sounds.

The loudness of this sound will depend on how much you have compressed the tube. This is precisely how snores are produced. Let’s explain it with a human. When we breathe, air passes from the nose or mouth through the airway into the lungs and out.

Since the airway is narrow, the passing air causes specific tissues along the airway to vibrate. In typical situations, this vibration of tissues produces a very negligible or inaudible sound.

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However, when certain conditions cause the vibration to become excess, we hear snores. Additionally, narrowing of the airway also causes the tissues’ vibration to become more intense, thus causing the individual to snore. In other words, snoring occurs when there is turbulent airflow through the airway leading to vibratory sounds.

Having said all this, the next important question becomes, “what causes the airway to become narrower?” Or “what causes the increased vibration of the tissues along the airway?”

Use of certain medications, alcohol, and stage/phase of sleep are all factors that lead to snoring. These mentioned factors contribute to the narrowing of the airway, thereby leading to snoring.

There is a common misconception that obese people are typical snorers. This misconception is born from the notion that they have large necks, which aggravate the snores they make. This is not entirely true, as anybody, irrespective of body size, can be a snorer. However, obese people tend to snore more loudly.

Even people who are not regular snorers may snore occasionally following certain events like taking some medications, after suffering a viral illness, or after taking alcohol. This goes further to show that anybody can be a snorer irrespective of body size. Age also contributes a lot to snoring. So, as people age, their snores become louder, and there are various reasons for this, which we’ll look at shortly.

Many people don’t think of snoring as a significant concern – however, if you are a heavy snorer, there are valid health reasons why you should be concerned about this issue. In addition to the health concerns, your sleep partner’s welfare is yet another reason you must consider doing something about the sounds you make while sleeping.

Marriages have been dissolved because of uncontrolled snoring. You just have to follow the news to hear of such things. The fact remains that snoring negatively affects every facet of your life. We have already mentioned that it affects your health, social life, and even your sex life.

Now, as somebody that cares about their overall wellbeing and that of their partner, it is just natural that you seek a solution to your problem if you are a snorer.

Yes, there are several available solutions to this condition.

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