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Frequently asked question

Here you’ll find out most asked question about snoring in general, our product; SnoRemover, guarantee etc.

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The most common symptoms we directly notice are feeling drowsy, having a headache, lower libido, and lack of focus. More serious effects we may not feel are high blood pressure, increased chance of a heart attack, stroke, alzheimers, or even cancer.

It can certainly help both physical and mentally. Low blood oxygen leads to reduces testosterone levels, reducing libido. Also, your love life and relationship can certainly can be impacted by tension caused by snoring. For more on this subject, you can find it HERE.

Common signs are often waking up with a headache, feeling groggy most of the day, have lower libido, and having trouble concentrating. You can also ask someone sleeping near or you can use an app that registers snoring. One of the most commonly used is SnoreLab.

After your first night(s) of quiet and restfull sleep, you start to feel an energy boost. After a month, poorly oxygenated muscles will be restored and most effects from sleep deprivation, as well. A timeline of how your body will be restored from no longer snoring can be found on page 71 of our e-book which you can find HERE.

When we breathe, air passes from the nose or mouth through the airway into the lungs and out. Since the airway is narrow, the passing air causes specific tissues along the airway to vibrate. In typical situations, this vibration of tissues produces a very negligible or inaudible sound. However, when certain conditions cause the vibration to become excess, we hear snores.

Snoring can be a sign of underlying problems. There are also different kinds of snoring, each affecting you in a different way. Here you find more information what you snoring habits tell about you and your health: LINK


SnoRemover pushes the lower jaw forward by just a few millimeters, releasing the back of the tongue.

This frees up your airway, whilst also firming up the tissue in the back of the throat, which makes it less floppy and less prone to the vibration that causes the unmistakable sound of snoring.

So you want a wager? Order now. If it doesn’t work for you as a “loud snorer,” then message me at You get a full refund AND I’ll buy you fish ‘n chips or a burger, if you’re more into that. BUT if it works… you’ll make a video review for us, singing… Deal?

Yes, your SnoRemover is 100% BPA, latex, and drug free.

Yes, once you put it in your mouth it will stop your snoring instantly.

Use our “Soak” cleaning tablets. These will keep your SnoRemover clean, fresh, and in a state of optimal use. If you’re out, use a tooth brush and tooth paste to clean it and order your new Soak cleaning tablets quickly!

For the soft part we used elastomeric polymer (EVA) and for the hard part polycarbonate (PC).

Yes, it will. But to be honest the SnoRemover has been developed to stop snoring. For teeth grinding, there are cheaper alternatives out there on the market.

Usually 1 year, but this of course also depends how you handle your SnoRemover. To help you with this, you receive a free storage box. Also, it matters if you maintain it with our Soak cleaning tablets or not.

NO. SnoRemover removes your snoring. Snoring is a sign of sleep apea. If you think you suffer from sleap apnea, then please contact your local medical professional.

The SnoRemover it is 2.5 cm high, 6.5 cm width, and 4.2 cm in depth.

No. When designing the SnoRemover one of our top priorities – besides to stop snoring, obviously – was that your breathing would not be disrupted and it would be comfortable to wear in general. Better said, the forward jaw advancement opens up your airway and improves your breathing.

Yes. Our focus market is Europe and the USA, hence we have adjusted its size to it. If the SnoRemover does not fit to your liking, send an email to with “SnoRemover refund please.” Paul or Sarah will handle your refund in one working day.

You can, but if someone else will understand you, that we can’t promise.

You can adjust the SnoRemover to 10 different settings. To do so, hold the upper side firmly in a P-shape, push with the other hand both [▲PUSH] button, and slowly move the lower part to adjust to your preferred setting.

To stop snoring, YES! To stop sleep apnea, NO! If you suspect you suffer from sleep apnea, we recommend that you talk to a medical professional.

91% of SnoRemover buyers reported that it stopped there snoring.

Our survey have shown that it will stop snoring for 91% of the people using the SnoRemover. If you are not happy with the results, then just email us at with the subject: “SnoRemover refund please.” Paul or Sarah from our customer service will handle your refund in one working day.


Your information is fully protected by 256-bit SSL encryption and our credit card processing meets the highest standers of PCI level 1 compliance.

We offer a vast array of secured payment options like Mastercard, VisaCard, AMEX, Maestro, iDeal, Klarna and many more.

Here in the United Kingdom, it is not. Please check with your local insuarance if this might be the case for you!

There may be additional fees and laws in your specific country. These fees will be yours as the buyer.


If you selected the “Express Shipping & Tracking” option it will arrive within 24 hours. Our free delivery takes up 4 to 5 working days.

If you choose the “Express Shipping & Tracking” option, you have been sent a door-to-door tracking link by email. If you did not select the “Express Shipping & Tracking” option, then there will be no tracking link provided.

Yes, we do ship your SnoRemover internationally. There may additional laws and custom fees in your specific country for which you are responisbile.

Order now, select the “Express Shipping & Tracking” option, and within 24 hours you can sleep quietly and feel rested upon waking up- more energized and healthy. Yes, it’s that simple!


Send us a mail at with the subject: “SnoRemover refund please”. Sarah or Paul will process your refund with 1 working day. No questions asked and hassle free.

We are all human! Mail us at and if you promise your fingers are not crossed and you didn’t do do it on purpose, we will send you a free replacement.

Send us an email at with the subject: “SnoRemover refund please,” and we will handle your refund in one working day. Hassle free, no questions asked.

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