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Stop Snoring Advice – Why Exactly Do So Many of Us Snore?

Stop Snoring Advice – Why Exactly Do So Many of Us Snore?

On a physical level, snoring is what occurs when the tissue inside our throats vibrates as we breathe in and out. Pretty much all of us do it from time to time, but for others, it’s an ongoing, debilitating problem that can cause a significant impact on our health and our relationships.

Around ¼ of UK couples sleep in separate rooms because of snoring and men are 4 times more likely to snore loudly, which might explain why the number of people looking to buy anti snoring device products online is so high.

In this blog, we take a look at the reasons why such a large number of people sound like they’re sawing planks of wood all night long and what are the symptoms of snoring!

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Allergies & Nasal Problems Are a Leading Cause Of Snoring

Anything that causes obstruction in the nasal passages or throat can ultimately lead to snoring, which means that if it’s the cause for you, a simple anti-histamine tablet could sort the problem out. That’s because it will bring any inflammation and swelling under control and get your airways back to normal.

Around forty per cent of the world’s population suffers from seasonal allergies, so if you find that your symptoms of snoring start during pollen season, you’ve probably found the root cause. The good news is that any obstructions caused by allergic inflammation can be hugely mitigated through the use of good quality anti snoring devices.

Ongoing Fatigue Can Lead to Over-relaxed Throat Muscles

We all live incredibly busy lives these days and this can have a pretty big impact on whether you snore or not. Being ‘over-tired’ can lead to the muscles in the throat becoming more relaxed than they should be and more prone to vibrating when we inhale and exhale. So, if this is one of the symptoms of your snoring, then it’s a pretty easy fix.

By trying to get to bed at a decent time each night – as we all should – you reduce the chances of fatigue building up over time. It’s possible to be largely unaware of how tired you are until you pretty much pass out at the end of the day. If you can try and get to bed that just that little bit earlier, it can have a big effect on how much restful – non-snoring – sleep you get.

An Unhealthy Lifestyle Can Also Play Its Part

Lifestyle is a factor that can also have a bearing on your snoring habits, as being overweight or enjoying a night-time tipple can alter the conditions in your palate and throat area. The former causes excess flesh to exist around the throat and the latter can cause the muscles in the throat to become over-relaxed and prone to vibration.

Of course, these issues can be rectified by changing your lifestyle, but we all know how hard that can be. That’s why many in this position opt for an anti snoring device as a quick and easy way to fix the issue, as it provides the time to make those lifestyle changes if and when you are able to.

Your Sleeping Posture Plays a Big Part In Whether You Snore

Another factor that plays a big role in whether you snore or not is the position in which you sleep. This is particularly true when sleeping on your back, as it’s the position that encourages your neck, shoulder and throat muscles to relax the most.

It’s also the position that most likely to result in sleep apnea, which is characterised by long pauses in breathing, followed by a gasp for breath before returning to a normal sleeping rhythm. It’s a condition that can actually be quite worrying to witness.

The easiest anti snoring measure you can take to combat this effect is to sleep on your side, as it is the position that places the least amount of pressure on the airways. If you’re sleeping on your side and you’re still snoring, it’s likely it’s being caused by something else.

Symptoms that You’re Suffering From a Snoring Problem

While most snorers are well aware of the fact that their sleeping habits are on the noisy side because their partners often let them know with an affectionate midnight kick in the back, not everyone is aware. It could be that you’re both heavy sleepers or that you sleep alone, but there are ways to deduce that you may be snoring.

You might be a snorer if:

• You’re excessively sleepy during the day with no obvious reason
• You have difficulty in maintaining concentration
• You wake up with a dry or sore throat
• You feel like you’re choking during the night
• You have high blood pressure
• You often arise with a headache
Snoring can have a big impact on anyone sleeping near it, but it can also have a bit effect on the health and general wellbeing of the snorer too. For that reason, it’s important that you don’t dismiss any of the above symptoms.

Buy Anti Snoring Device Products to help the Problem

Due to the fact that so many people are searching for solutions to help them stop snoring, there are many anti snoring device choices available on the market. Some use sound to combat snoring, whilst others do their work by opening the airways with a plastic clip. However, one of the most effective on the market is SnoRemover™ from Anti Snore Doc.

It has been found to be effective for 9 out of every 10 people that use it and it’s also effective at preventing night-time teeth grinding, which can also cause sleepless nights and tooth damage. Able to be moulded perfectly to a person’s unique bite simply by immersing the anti snoring device into boiling water, Dr. Anti Snore offers a solution that’s tailored specifically to the wearer. If you suffer from chronic snoring, it represents a pretty much instant fix and some blessed relief for you and anyone who sleeps with you.

Been Living With Snoring? Well, You Don’t Have to Any More!

Snoring is a ubiquitous issue suffered by millions, so you can only imagine how many hours of sleep are ruined by it across the world each night. The great news is that it’s not something that you have to live with any more. You can tip the balance in your favour by looking to buy anti snoring device solutions for yourself, with SnoRemover™ from Anti Snore Doc being one of the most effective around.


Complement this by ensuring that you’re on top of your seasonal allergies and getting to bed on time more often than not and you could very well find yourself snoring-free before you know it. Leave things as they are and you could just live with it and muddle through as best you can.

However, if purchasing a simple anti snoring gizmo frees you from the misery of snoring, it’s worth a try wouldn’t you say? Of course, whatever action you take is your own prerogative, but it makes you think, doesn’t it?

If you’re experiencing apnea or daytime drowsiness, it’s again advisable to talk to a sleep professional or look into anti snoring products to alleviate your symptoms.

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