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My Partner Wants Me to Wear An Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece Appliance : What Should I Do?

My Partner Wants Me to Wear An Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece Appliance : What Should I Do?

I’ve long had a problem with snoring when I sleep and it’s fair to say that it’s been the source of a few disagreements over the years. I admit that the noise I produce at night makes it harder for my partner to sleep, which is why she recently asked me to consider buying products that help with snoring.

Now, I’m a pretty affable guy, but I’m torn about what to think about this request. Should I just go ahead and buy a mouthpiece appliance or should I stand fast and stick to my guns? That’s what I seek to address in this blog, as I try and work out what to do to solve this most tricky of problems.

Should I Be Offended That She’s Asked?

Well, you could be offended, as it’s about you after all. However, when you think about it from your partner’s point of view, it can’t be pleasant. The statistics bear this out too, with as many 12% of marriages ending because of snoring-induced sleep deprivation and the friction this causes.

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If it were the other way around, would you consider asking your other half to wear a mouthpiece appliance? Probably, right? No one does well without sleep and even science shows that relationships are put under extreme pressure by it. So, in reality, you shouldn’t be offended, as it’s likely taken quite a bit of irritation to get to the point where it’s even mentioned.


Marriage is About Good AND in Bad times. Accept My Bad Parts!

When people get married, they pledge that they’ll accept each other through thickness and thin, in sickness and in health – all of that. So, why can’t she accept my faults and flaws? I understand that it’s annoying, but I don’t do it on purpose!

Again, let’s flip it around – would you have a problem with your partner having to use products that help with snoring if you were suffering? Most are affordable, comfortable and represent a mild inconvenience, so perhaps you should be asking yourself, do you respect your partner enough to do something about it?


Why should I do something? She Picks Her Nose & Lets Farts Go!

Everybody has their annoying elements, so why should I do something? I love my wife, but she picks her nose and lets farts go just like me, so shouldn’t she just put up with it and stop moaning? I wouldn’t hassle her like this!

The fact is you can’t overlook the fact that snoring is bad not just for their health (through lack of sleep), but also yours. The act of snoring is associated with as many as nine separate health risks, such as injury, stroke, high blood pressure, headaches and even cancer. 


Can’t My Partner Not Just Buy Anti-Snoring Earplugs?

Ok, so I know that I can buy an anti-snoring mouthpiece appliance to stop my snoring, but is there anything stopping my partner from doing the same? Why can’t she just go and get some earplugs and pop them each night? Wouldn’t that be just as healthy and simple?

Actually, no it’s not healthy wearing earplugs every evening. Unlike a mouthpiece appliance that’s healthier for everyone, earplugs can end up pushing earwax back inside the ear, leading to tinnitus and temporary hearing loss. 

It can also cause ear infections, so it really isn’t a viable long-term measure, however, thankfully a mouthpiece appliance is, offering a solution that has no side-effects whatsoever – aside from a lack of snoring, of course.


Can I Not Do Something Against My Snoring For Free? 

Actually there is yes, as you can find out by reading our 7 Handy Tips to Help You Stop Snoring. Within the blog, you’ll see lots of free and easily actionable things that you can do to reduce the risk of snoring at night, such as lowering your alcohol intake, avoiding sleeping on your back and using dehumidifiers.

The thing is, these are just pointers designed to tip the balance in your favour and deal with some of the root causes that lead to snoring. These aren’t solutions in their own right, rather they’re elements that contribute to noise at night and as such, might not work if the leading cause lies somewhere else.

For instance, if you’re overweight, the only thing that’s going to lead to NO snoring is a mouthpiece appliance. Designed to eliminate the conditions that result in buzz-saw sounds coming from your bedroom, they represent the only proven way to deal with the problem. 


Ok, So Which Anti-Snoring MouthPiece Appliance Should I Buy? 

Look online and you’ll find a wide array of choices when talking about products that help with snoring. You’ll find gizmos that secure your chin in one place with a strap, magnet nose clips and even clips that fit inside the nose to prevent the onset of those deep breathing vibrations that cause so much trouble. 

The truth is that these products are all well and good, but they only partially deal with the problem. You see, it’s the soft tissue at the back of the throat that leads to snoring, so unless you buy a mouthpiece appliance that changes things back there, you’re not likely to get the desired results.

The SnoRemover™ is the go-to choice for many afflicted by snoring and that’s because it changes the position of the lower jaw, moving the soft palate in such a way that the airway is cleared of all obstructions, often resulting in the first good night’s sleep the wearer has had in a long time. 


Do Yourself a Favour and Get a MouthPiece Appliance

When you boil everything down to its essential parts, it’s not a question whether it’s unreasonable for your partner to ask you to do something about your snoring. Especially when the solution is as affordable, straightforward and comfortable as the SnoRemover™ anti-snoring mouthpiece appliance [LINK HERE]. 

It’s all about respect and taking decisive action. Thousands of people across the UK are already enjoying restful sleep and happier marriages thanks to devices like ours. Try one for yourself and we’re sure you’ll think like many of our past customers in that they wish they’d done something sooner. 


Thanks for reading and we wish you the very best sleep a person can get!


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