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"That is why I started Snore Doc"

Perhaps I was addicted to the dark side, is that possible? Perhaps not, I’m not sure. It was not that I lost my energy overnight.

I always went out to play football with my 7-year-old son.

Perhaps it was that Friday, when I told him he’d better ask one of his friends, because I was too tired.

Was that the turning point? Perhaps it was when I stopped cycling with friends on weekends, or that morning when I really couldn’t get out of bed and my head was pounding, throbbing, like a toothache in my brain?


Thomas Giggs, co-founder Snore Doc

Was I  ‘snorizalized’?

I still don’t know when it started, but why was I ‘ok’ with my snoring and feeling worn-out all day?

Was it that snoring made me so numb and passive that I couldn’t act? Did I like being deflated all the time?
In my favourite movie Shawshank Redemption they talk about ‘institutionalized’.

Was I ‘snoralized’?

It was not until my wife Laura told me she would sleep in a separate room that I knew that I had to act and change my life from negative to positive.

After years of trying all sorts of solutions and even considering surgery, I found my solution that instantly stopped my snoring. In less than a week, I felt better — physically, and also mentally.

Now I have the energy to win at life again, making me the dad and husband I want to be – just like many other fathers, mothers, husbands, and wives out there.

That is why I started Snore Doc.

Now you can also reap the benefits from my journey and the product we developed, called: SnoRemover™. If you buy one today, I promise you will not regret it.”

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