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7 Handy Tips For Anyone Wanting to Stop Snoring

7 Handy Tips For Anyone Wanting to Stop Snoring

Whilst many think of snoring as being a source of amusement or as something that just happens from time to time, its impact on a person’s life can be quite profound.

In addition to causing disruption to the sleep pattern of the sufferer, snoring can also have a damaging effect on relationships with their spouse. In fact, anyone sharing the room can end up needing to stuff socks in their ears just to get some rest!

Believe it or not, snoring is a condition that affects around 57% of men, 40% of women and surprisingly as much as 27% of children. In this article, we offer up 7 handy tips to help you stop snoring from occurring, so that you can be free to enjoy a good night’s sleep. So, if you’re sitting (or laying) comfortably, we’ll begin!

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Tip #1 – Try & Avoid that Nightcap Tipple

Alcohol relaxes your muscles, including the ones that keep your pharynx (a.k.a. your throat) open. Late-night drinking tends to result in your soft palate, tongue and jaw sagging more due to being over-relaxed, which can lead to a partial blocking of your airway and that telltale sound of a buzz saw!

Add into the mix that drinking often leads to snoring due to decreased respiratory control and it’s not hard to see why it should be avoided wherever possible. If you’re used to a nightcap, try a soothing tea or a warm cup of cocoa as a substitute.

Tip #2 – Try to Reduce Your Weight if You Can

Achieving your ideal weight carries all sorts of health benefits, which include the anti snoring effects associated with lowering your weight. This is one of the best tips to stop snoring. The physical reality of being slimmer is less tissue around the throat area, which means there’s less tissue to vibrate as the air moves past.

It’s an age-old problem that many have struggled with, but the principle behind losing weight is eating fewer calories than you burn. Try eating smaller portions, reducing your calorific intake and engaging in regular physical exercise. You should soon see a reduction in the amount of snoring that occurs and you’ll probably feel better too.

Tip #3 – Treat Any Allergies You Might Suffer From

Allergies can be debilitating, for sure, however, they can also restrict your nasal passages and lead to snoring. When you have a flare-up due to pollen, dust or any other allergen, it can lead to your palate swelling up and guess what? That’s right, sleep-preventing, spouse-annoying snoring.

If you’re planning to go to bed and you feel that familiar tickle on the back of your throat, you should take your usual antihistamine and you’ll likely find any snore sounds are greatly reduced.

Tip #4 – Try and Not Sleep On Your Back

It may be super-comfortable for you to sleep on your back, but it is a posture that often leads to a noisy sleeping experience for anyone near you. That’s because sleeping on your back causes your palate to relax sufficiently to ‘rattle’ when you breathe in and that’s when the wall-vibration starts.

Try laying on your side and perhaps putting a pillow behind your back to stop you being able to turn over in your sleep and start snoring.

Tip #5 – Avoid taking Sleeping Tablets – If You Can

Sleeping tablets are a widely-used medication to help people drift off to sleep, but they can cause the person sharing the bed to have a less-than-settled sleep. That’s because they relax the palate in the same way alcohol does and window-shaking snoring can ensue.

You may find it more difficult to get to sleep by not taking your sleeping medication, however, your spouse is likely to be thankful if they’re able to get to sleep as a result.

Tip #6 – Use a Humidifier to Moisten the Air

A factor that can cause a person to snore is dry air and prolonged exposure to it can significantly irritate the soft palate. A tips to stop snoring is through the use of a humidifier that works through the night to keep the air nice and moist so that the back of your throat stays nice and comfortable.

The good news is that humidifiers don’t cost a fortune and with one in place, you’re that much more likely to have a restful sleep.

Tip #7 – Try Using an Anti Snoring Device

When you buy anti snoring device options on the market, you’ll find some encouraging people to sleep on their side and others that are placed in the mouth to help support the palate and prevent vibration. These kinds of devices help by altering the conditions inside the throat either directly or indirectly.

As we just mentioned, you’re not short of choice when you go looking online to buy anti snoring device solutions, as breathing strips and nose clips are just some of those available. However, one of the most effective you’ll find out there is the one carrying the name SnoRemover™ from Anti Snore Doc, which is known to work in 91% of the occasions in which it is used.

It can be easily moulded to each person’s bite by simply immersing the device in boiling water. It not only stop snoring, but it can also help to prevent nighttime grinding of teeth.

The Important Thing is that You Don’t Have to Suffer From Snoring

Snoring can be really debilitating to both the sufferer and anyone else trying to sleep in the vicinity. The good news is that you don’t have to suffer unnecessarily if you have the will to change things up. We’ve only touched upon the many measures you can implement to reduce your snoring and there are also many devices you can use to reduce it further.

Our recommendation is to employ something from each of our tips shown above as a multi-pronged attack on those snoring issues. Live a healthier lifestyle, limit your night-time alcohol consumption and get yourself a Anti Snore Doc-Mouthpiece named SnoRemover™. Do these three things and we’re sure you’ll be sleeping like a baby in no time.

We thank you for taking the time out to read our blog about tips to stop snoring. We hope that it has illustrated that there is an alternative to simply putting up with snoring. We’ll be back with more tips and advice from the home of restful sleep next time.


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