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Benefits of Stop Snoring – What Will You Gain?

Benefits of Stop Snoring – What Will You Gain?

Snoring is a chronic condition that often leads to abnormal breathing pauses during sleep.

Consequently, oxygen saturation drops from its normal levels (94%–98%) to as low as 80% if the breathing pause lasts for more than 30 seconds.

Instead of discussing the negative complications of snoring, which we have covered extensively in previous blog posts, this article will focus on the timeline of physiological and psychological benefits of stop snoring.

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Your body after snoring stops

Snoring interrupts normal breathing and lowers your oxygen saturation levels. When this destructive sign stops, your body undergoes numerous physiological modifications that take place over the course of days, months, or years.


The first night without snoring

⦁ Your blood oxygen saturation will go up
Blood oxygen saturation quickly changes with daily habits.

According to studies[1], normal oxygen saturation ranges between 96% and 100%. If it drops below this range, you can expect a myriad of health problems.

The good news is that blood oxygen saturation goes back to its normal levels after one snore-less night. As a result, your breathing becomes more efficient, cardiac function improves, and your risk of apnea and brain anoxia diminishes.

⦁ Your social relationships will improve
As we discussed in a previous article (, chronic snoring is debilitating for couples and social relationships.

The constant snoring precipitates feelings of resentment and blame that originate from the partner’s inability to sleep.

Benefits of stop snoring – After your first night without snoring, your partner will sleep better, which discards all the negative feelings.

Some of you might be thinking that one night is not enough for the relationship to be fixed, and while that holds some truth, eliminating snoring from the equation is the fastest way to repair your partner’s sleep and feelings for you.

Your brain cells will receive enough oxygen
Snoring often coincides with frequent breathing pauses during sleep, which compromises the oxygenation of neurons (i.e., brain cells).

Experts refer to this condition as apnea[2], which usually lasts for a few seconds but could have devastating consequences for physical and cognitive functions.

After using a mandibular advancement device (MAD) like SnoRemover™ , your snoring and sleep apnea will dramatically improve, which eliminates the risk of long breathing pauses that compromise brain cells and increase benefits of stop snoring.


One month without snoring

⦁ Your risk of heart disease will drop
Poor oxygen levels in the blood lead to tissue starvation, which sends alert signals to the brain. To respond to tissue hypoxia, the central nervous system forces the heart to work harder[3] in order to compensate for the low levels of oxygen.

After a while, the risk of heart disease becomes prominent. Most notably, the risk of coronary artery disease and left-sided heart failure peaks.

When you stop snoring, your heart cells will have time to recover their normal function and size, which significantly reduces the risk of cardiovascular events.

You will have increased libido and better sexual life

Researchers found a strong correlation between snoring and decreased sexual drive in men[4]. Additionally, the negative feelings that arise from snoring will also interfere with the couple’s sexual relationship.

According to research[5], patients who snore due to obstructive sleep apnea have lower levels of testosterone in their systems, which translate to erectile dysfunction in males.

Moreover, snoring alters the female hormonal system, leading to the following symptoms:
⦁ Dyspareunia (i.e., pain during sexual intercourse)
⦁ Decreased libido
⦁ Poor lubrication during sexual intercourse

Overall, poor oxygen levels in the bloodstream combined with the hormonal disturbance that occurs with snoring will compromise your sexual life, which further adds a toll to your love life.

To avoid sexual dysfunction in males and females, there needs to be an innovative treatment that stops snoring. Fortunately, MADs (SnoRemover™) improve blood oxygen saturation, which leads to improved erections and libido.

Scientists noted that proper levels of oxygen in the blood will dramatically improve sexual performance.

These phenomena are maximized after one month without snoring.

⦁ Your energy levels skyrocket
When the muscles are poorly irrigated by the blood vessels, you will inevitably feel lethargy (i.e., severe exhaustion).
Shortly after fixing your snoring problems, your energy levels will boost, allowing you to be more active during the day and eliminating daytime sleepiness.


One year without snoring

⦁ Your symptoms of sleep apnea improve

As pointed out in our previous articles, sleep apnea and snoring are closely intertwined with each other. Therefore, stopping the vicious cycle of snoring will inevitably improve symptoms of sleep apnea, and in some cases, cure that condition.
This is especially true when snoring is the trigger of sleep apnea.
Heart remodeling will reverse
As we mentioned above, chronically low levels of oxygen saturation often lead to hyperactive cardiac function[7], resulting in larger heart chambers.
Fortunately, this process is reversible when blood oxygen saturation goes back to normal after snoring stops.
Your cognitive abilities sharpen
The brain consumes 20% of all the oxygen in the body, despite representing only 2% of the entire body weight.

Any disturbance to the levels of oxygen in the brain will disrupt cognitive abilities (e.g., memory, concentration, critical thinking).

Note that despite listing this benefit under the one-year milestone, you can expect improvements to your cognitive after as fast as one week without snoring.


Takeaway message

Chronic snoring is a debilitating condition that interferes with various aspects of a person’s life. Fortunately, stopping snoring will reverse many destructive phenomena and reduce your risk of several maladies.

We hope that this article on benefits of stop snoring encouraged you to take action and stop the vicious cycle created by snoring.

You can tip the balance in your favour by looking to buy anti snoring device solutions for yourself, with SnoRemover™ from Anti Snore Doc being one of the most effective around.
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