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Anti Snoring Mouthpiece | A Buyers Guide

Anti Snoring Mouthpiece | A Buyers Guide

Everyone looks forward to a good night’s sleep without anti snoring, especially if you have had a long and busy day!

 The thought of soundly hitting the sack for several hours keeps you going when the day is almost over. There is only one thing that would make you dread sleep time—a snoring bedmate!

Who would have thought that your loving partner or adorable children would be the reason you count sheep the entire night?

You have tried everything from feeding them less food to taking away their pillows and giving them back, and even changing their sleeping positions to ease their breathing, all to no avail.

If you sometimes wonder how to stop a snoring ‘mouth breather’, here are some of the top snoring mouthpieces you can take advantage of for a better sleeping routine.

But before we delve into reviewing the best, let’s find out what exactly happens when you lay your head on a pillow at night…

What happens when we snore?

What happens when we snore

There are several reasons for snoring with our mouth closed. Some are linked to chronic health conditions and body organ alignments. These conditions include hypothyroidism, obesity, chronic nasal congestion, sleep apnea, and the use of sedative medication.

If you have any of these conditions or suspect that you may be suffering from them, consulting a doctor should be your priority.

Another reason for snoring with your mouth open or closed is a blocked airway linked to a bad sleeping posture and the relaxation of muscles in the airway. Once you fall asleep, the tissues in your throat and mouth relax, and when air passes through them, it causes the muscles to vibrate. This action then emits that coarse and harsh sound coming from you or your partner’s mouth when they are asleep.

 An anti-snoring mouthpiece. What is it?

Chronic snoring isn’t something that you should ignore. Not only is it annoying and disruptive to the person sleeping in the next room, but it also has detrimental effects on your overall well-being.

An anti snoring mouthpiece is a little gadget that you manually put into the mouth right before sleep. It works by opening your airway to reduce that forceful push of air that causes the muscles to vibrate hoarsely.


Do snoring mouthguards work?

There has been much contention as to whether snoring mouthpieces actually work. Well the good news is, they certainly do!

In fact, anti snoring mouthpieces work for around 91% of people!

Anti snoring pieces for mouth breathers often work in most instances. They are primarily beneficial to people who have mild to medium snoring conditions and some premium anti snoring mouth appliances also work for the heavier snorer.

In this case, if you have a blocked airway that is linked to the relaxation of your throat muscles and the tongue, you can also benefit from an anti snoring mouthpiece. The anatomy behind mouth snorers is that the airway muscles relax a tad too much once we fall into a deep sleep.

As a result, the airway becomes narrow, making it hard for air to pass through effortlessly. When this happens, the air has to force its way into the endotracheal tube, resulting in the flapping of the throat muscles. So, if you snore from the mouth, MADs and TSDs will work to help you alleviate the condition.

People who have other health conditions other than a blocked windpipe, also find these devices beneficial. In such cases, the person may choose to visit a doctor to discuss other treatment options that will help ease the heavy snoring. You may want to find alternative solutions to snoring if you have:

  • Chronic nasal congestion
  • Hypothyroidism
  • Obesity
  • Sleep apnea

Most of these anti snoring devices are available over the counter and of course we sell the best one on the market, here at Anti Snore Doc!

Instant Snoring Solution

Finding immediate and lasting solutions to snoring is ideal for helping you enjoy your rest at night and avoid the adverse effects that come as a result of snoring.

And while we are still tackling how practical these anti snore devices are, extensive research on their usability and comfort should be at the top of your list. Before purchasing a mouth device to stop snoring, check out some of our success stories on how we have helped more than one hundred and forty thousand snorers, stop snoring!

Success Stories!

The benefits of Anti-snoring devices

The first thing you check when looking to buy such device are their pros and cons. Since snoring is a daily thing that requires continuous correction, you have to look at the long-term perks of using the right mouthpiece. A few of these include:

Easy to use

Isn’t it wonderful to find a gadget that you can easily slip into your mouth a few minutes before you hit the hay? Sleep apnea MAD mouthpieces give you this kind of convenience. Made out of thermoplastic material, the item is easy to use. The boil and bite technology comes into play when preparing this device at night.

And when you feel that it hasn’t fit perfectly into the mouth, you can always repeat the process until you attain the desired effect and comfort. We recommend that you use hot water to make the mouthguard soft and easy to bite.


Alterations make MADs effective and less expensive. It would be costly if a person had to try out several mouth guards for sleeping before finding one that fits their mouth! Thanks to their adjustable nature, you can either increase or decrease the initial measurements to your preference.

In most cases, users have to increase the calibrations by up to 4mm before their mouth adjusts to the device, while the more premium devices can go as far as 10mm to help even the most heaviest of snorers. Once the mouth moulds to the snoring mouthpiece to fit perfectly, they can reduce it to a smaller size to ensure maximum comfort!

Quick cleaning

Mouthguards and other dental fixtures are a great source of bacteria. Skip washing them for a few days, and you will have a breeding site for germs that may lead to other oral problems.

Unlike CPAP machines, you can easily clean your mouthguard at home.

Treat your mouthpiece as a second pair of teeth, and you will be good to go!

Dentists recommend that you wash the item immediately when you take it out of your mouth. That way, you minimise bacteria build-up, and when it’s time for you to sleep, you won’t need to spend extra time cleaning. A quick brush using your regular toothpaste is effective in upholding the required hygiene standards.

Fun Fact: Did you know around 700 different species of bacteria can reside inside your mouth?

So, if you want to thoroughly clean your anti snoring mouthpiece appliance and keep it pristine, we would suggest using specialized cleaning tablets.

Works in reducing snoring

A constricted airway is a significant cause of snoring. A snoring mouthguard helps to reduce the reverberations that come with as a result of air trying to pass through the narrow pipe. Using an anti-snoring device works by opening up the airway and pulling the jaw forward.

Therefore, these muscles do not collide at the throat, leaving your air passage constricted. As a result, you have an easy time breathing, thereby eliminating the snorts. However, you have to make sure that the guard is securely in place to be effective.

Discreet and easily portable

Wouldn’t it be a pain if these mandibular advancement devices were huge and conspicuous? Travelling would be something most snorers would dread if this were the case. Research and technology have collaborated to ensure that you can sleep even when you travel. There isn’t a need to scare your travel mates and hosts when you travel.

You can easily fit this anti-snore gadget into your toiletries when packing. And thanks to its transparent nature, one would easily confuse it for a teeth bleaching device.


The mouth never runs out of saliva and bacteria. These two substances are excellent sources of destruction. However, most anti-snoring mouthpieces have thermoplastic material as their primary production substance. Not only does this material survive in wet conditions, but it also doesn’t wear out quickly, even in bacteria hotbeds.

These are the primary properties that make sleep apnea snoring gadgets durable. You can use one for over a year as long as you do not grind your teeth in your sleep and take care of it.

Overall well being

Snoring is a disruptive and annoying sound that usually has detrimental side effects. Snorers say they experience choking, daytime sleepiness, sleep disruptions, severe headaches, partner alienation, mental health issues, irritability, and an irregular heart rhythm.

As an extension of the side effects, snorers who experience sleep interruptions are prone to accidents due to fatigue. Sleep apnea anti-snoring devices ensure that you enjoy a restful night and wake up feeling refreshed and alert.

Learn more about what else you can gain from stopping to snore at night.

They are quiet

Individuals suffering from chronic breathing problems have to use CPAP, APAP, and BiPAP machines, which otherwise produce a purring sound when activated. In some cases, this can be pretty disruptive to the user and others sleeping in the same room.

On the other hand, an anti-snore mouthpiece does not need any external energy and variables to make it work. It does not emit any sound, making it ideal to use in private and public settings.

Is it possible to re-mould an anti-snoring mouthguard?

The idea behind the production of an anti-snoring mouthguard is comfort, grip, and reusability. Of course, these factors are incorporated into a functioning and effective device.  When it comes to reusability, an individual shouldn’t have any trouble remoulding the item.

At the heart of the production of these mouth breather snoring devices is thermoset plastic material that becomes soft and chewy when heated and solidifies when it cools down.  When you chomp down on the mouth snoring reduction piece, it blends into the mouth’s formation to create a barrier between the back of the tongue and throat muscles.

During the initial days when you try to get the hang of the mouthguard, you may feel that the item isn’t adjusting itself in the mouth as it should. It can be a little frustrating, but most users master the art of using it within a few days with some practice.

The good thing about these MAD mouthpieces is that you can remould them a maximum of three times until you feel comfortable. A few things to note when preparing yours are:

  • Keep a cup of hot water nearby just in case you experience this disruption. This move will help you redo the process quickly without the need to go back into the kitchen for more water.
  • Complete the entire exercise in your bathroom sink so that you get access to cold running water for cooling it a little and a mirror to help you see your adjustments.
  • Accidents happen within a split second, so keep the hot water in the sink to be on the safe side.
  • Brush your teeth before you begin the process. You don’t want to create a breeding site for bacteria in your mouth.

Once you complete moulding your mouthpiece, you shouldn’t have to support it using your tongue to keep it in place. If it feels that way, it is time to brew a fresh cup of hot water and start all over again.

What is it like to sleep with an anti snoring mouthpiece?

sleep with an anti snoring mouthpiece

If you consider getting an anti snoring mouthpiece, you may wonder how it feels like to sleep with it. The essence of using these items is to stop the tongue from moving backwards and vibrating against the throat muscles. Therefore, they use the principle of either pulling your tongue to the front or exerting pressure on it to keep it in one place all night.

As a result, it may feel uncomfortable, somewhat like someone pulling at your tongue all night. The pressure this item exerts on the jaw also makes one feel like they have a mouth full of something. This may make it hard for some individuals to close their mouth when they go to sleep, especially in the case of over-the-counter MADs. Luckily enough, most people do not feel this sensation as soon as they fall into a deep sleep.

What are some of the successful products to get over snoring?

Thanks to advanced research and technology, you can now enjoy a good night’s rest thanks to anti-snoring mouthpieces. These anti snoring devices come in different forms, and each attempts to solve a problem depending on the snoring disorder you battle. Here is a review of two of the most common snoring mouth guards UK residents prefer.

1.   Mandibular Advancement Device

This tool derives its name from the jaw bone, which is also known as a mandible. It is best used by persons whose throats constrict when they sleep, causing them to snore. When using a MAD, you will have to sleep with the mouth closed now that his device pushes the jaw forward. That way, your throat muscles won’t succumb to the pressure of air when you breathe.

A few things you may want to note about the mandibular advancement device is that it shifts the formulation of your dental formula with frequent use, and you will feel some discomfort anytime you use it.

For this reason, anyone who has dental problems, especially those who have missing teeth or gaps between the teeth, should use other anti-snoring mouthguards that put little stress on their dental formula.

2.   Tongue Stabilising Devices

Tongue stabilising devices abbreviated as TSDs work almost the same way as the MADs. The only difference is that this one works by pulling the tongue a little to the front. I guess you are wondering how this will help you ease the snoring, right? When the tongue moves forward, it creates more space in the airway.

Consequently, throat and tongue muscles will not come into contact, thereby eliminating that vibration that takes place when you struggle to push air in and out of the windpipe.

Considering that people mostly sleep with their tongues in their mouths, this item can feel somewhat uncomfortable. And on the flip side, you may experience an influx in your saliva production.

What are the Best Anti Snoring Mouthpiece Devices That are Safe?

the Best Anti Snoring Mouthpiece Devices That are Safe

So what are the best anti-snoring mouthpieces on the market?

While several manufacturers manufacture and sell anti-snoring mouthguards, a few stand out from the rest.  

Here are our top picks!

5. SnoreRX Plus

Variation: SnoreRX Plus is a mandibular adjustment device

Composition and usage

This anti snore mouthpiece tops the list thanks to its custom-fit nature. Made using a thermoplastic material, it fits any mouth. The boil and bite mechanism comes into play when using this device. Before using it, a snorer has to steep it in hot water for one minute then rinse it using cold water for two seconds.

You can then place it in your mouth and adjust it using the tongue and fingers to get the perfect fit. Once the device is securely in place, you can then bite down on it, and you’re ready to go. Take at least 30 seconds to perform this last exercise to make sure you keep it in place.

When we say it fits any mouth, we mean precisely that. Each side of the device has an additional 6mm lappets tabulated in 1mm that allow you to enlarge it to fit your mouth’s measurements. So when you feel that it does not quite sit in the mouth squarely, you can either increase or decrease the sizes to fit your needs.

This anti snoring mouthpiece has a dental quality design that the FDA clears as safe to use.  Additionally, it has padded layers that add to the comfort, making it a good anti snoring mouthpiece that is pocket-friendly.

SnoreRX costs $99 ex VAT and shipping is available to users within the USA, Canada, and typically all countries within the European region. Customs may charge you VAT for importing it in the UK. The 30-day money back guarantee pinned to this product is enough assurance that the item works.

Performance considerations

Before purchasing the anti snoring device you may want to consider some aspects such as its performance rate, hygiene routine, shelflife, and adjustability.

We have already established that you can fine-tune this gadget to fit your preferences. Thankfully, you can readjust it back to its original size whenever you feel the need for that.

Life span

Expect the SnoreRX Plus mouth breather snoring device to last for one and a half years if you take care of it as instructed. This lifespan is subject to change depending on whether or not you grind your teeth at night. If you do, the friction will wear out the thermoplastic material, thereby reducing its longevity.


A 30-night money back guarantee is what you get when you use this mouthpiece. The company is confident about their product, so they avail a 30 nights guarantee on it.

Breathing vents

If you are a mouth breather, you do not have to worry about sleep disruption due to an insufficient air supply. The MAD has a V-flow open design that allows enough oxygen to pass through, making it easy for you to breathe.

4. VitalSleep Anti snoring Mouthpiece

Variation: Vital sleep anti-snoring mouthpiece is a mandibular adjustment device

Composition and usage

This anti snoring mouthpiece by VitalSleep is effective in relieving snoring with the jaw advancement technique. It is much more different than others in this range since it comes with pre-installed tooth fixtures.

However, these are not fixed. They serve the purpose of making it easier for an individual to bite down on the teeth’ impressions. It is also crafted out of thermoplastic, which allows the fixture to soften once immersed in hot water.

The soft nature of the mouthguard allows for easy fixing of your teeth between the dentures. Openings between the lower and upper jaw allow for breathability. You can effortlessly breathe through your mouth even when your teeth are clenched.

Hinges at the backside of the fixture make this item flexible. You can open and close your mouth as usual. It also comes with an adjustable palate calibrated to 8mm. These adjustable palates make it easy to adjust the MAD to fit every individual. In the US there are no taxes on anti-snoring mouthpiece appliances, so at $59 ex VAT you have to deal with HMRC customs if you want to buy it.

This VitalSleep anti-snoring mouthpiece is a slim fit, making it ideal for both ladies and gentlemen. Its small and light nature makes it the perfect selection of discreet sleeping aid. These features also make it excellent for long night rests, now that it does not tire the mouth. The downside is that it is not big enough to retain it in your mouth and it can drop out waking up looking at the dog chewing on it.


The manufacturer assures the user of a minimum of one year’s use if they are the kind that clenches the teeth. However, you can enjoy up to two years of peaceful sleep if you do not have this condition and take care of the gadget as recommended.


One aspect of VitalSleep Anti snoring Mouthpiece that stands out is the ability to alter its manufacturer’s settings to create those that suit your preferences. An inbuilt palate on the lower jaw that can move front or backwards allows you to adjust the fittings to your mouth’s size. A hex tool that comes as part of the deal enables you to articulate this work. Consequently, this enhances the movement of the lower jaw to increase the size.

It is worth mentioning that this device comes in two sizes, small and regular so ensure that you indicate your size preferences when adding it to your cart.


The manufacturer promises to provide free replacements on the gadget for any reason within a year of using it. The Norton shopping guarantee cushions you from unexpected purchase mishaps, giving you peace of mind. And if you have any questions regarding the use of the item, the package comes with a free e-book that answers frequently answered questions.

Breathing vents

Sleeping with your mouth closed shouldn’t be a problem since this item has breathing vents. These gaps located on the upper jaw allow air to pass so that you do not have to leave your mouth wide open once you fall asleep.

3.  Z-Quiet

Variation: Z-Quiet is a mandibular advancement device

Composition and usage

Your first night’s usage of this item gets to be hassle-free. Unlike other variants from other competitors that require you to assemble them, Z-Quiet comes ready to use. It has already set teeth impressions that you dig your teeth into when preparing for the night.

There is no need to perform the evening boil and bite ritual for this mouth advancement device, now that it uses semi-solid thermoplastic elastomer as its base material. It feels like rubber to the touch, making it easy on your mouth and firm enough to support the jaws.


Your Z-Quiet package for mouth guard for snoring boots comes in two pieces for $69.95 ex VAT. Both have the exact specifications; however, the adjustment options differ. One has 2mm adjustment features, while the other has 4mm more. A built-in calibrator allows you to monitor the size increments in precision, thereby discovering what works best for you.

Additionally, this product has hinges at the joint between the top and bottom jaw, making movement easy. It doesn’t leave your mouth fixed in one position the entire night, allowing you to rest well and wake up feeling refreshed.

Breathing vents

A low profile isn’t the only comfort and usability feature that Z-Quiet boasts of. Thick strips between the jaws provide enough space for the free movement of air. Thin strips of the thermoplastic material between the jaws create a vent that comes in handy when you want to breathe using the mouth. Rather than struggle to keep your mouth open, these openings keep the mouth slightly open at all times, which allows air to pass through as you sleep.


One of the most critical components of a mouthguard is comfort. A thin and light profile enables the user to enjoy their rest without tiring the jaw. Thermoplastic material is lightweight and discreet, a feature that keeps all the pressure away from the teeth and jaws.

The specific variant that Z-Quiet uses in its composition is firmer, thus eradicating the need to add padding to provide support to the dental formula, it beats other products within its range when it comes to comfort.


Considering that you may have to use this device every night, you should expect it to last up to one year. However, if you fall under the category of individuals that grind their teeth at night, the shelflife may reduce by a few months.

How you take care of the item also determines its longevity. The manufacturer recommends that you wash it daily using toothpaste or denture cleaning paste and your regular toothpaste. It is advisable to avoid mouthwash or bleach when cleaning this mouthpiece since these products contribute to wearing out faster. Remember, it does not use the boil and bite mechanism, so never dip it in hot water for any reason.

2. Good Morning Snore Solutions Mouthpiece

Variation: Good morning snore solutions mouthpiece is a tongue stabilising device

Composition and usage

The main component used in the production of this tongue stabilising device is plastic resin. It is a light material that is easy on the mouth. The nominal shrinkage rate makes it ideal as a base material for the construction of a TSD. Most importantly, it has a 235f boiling point, meaning body temperature will not affect its size specifications.

This feature is essential in snoring mouthpieces because it ensures that they do not increase or decrease when they contact body heat, reducing their effectiveness as a solution for snoring.

Most importantly, a plastic resin is FDA cleared, meaning that it is effective as a gadget for reducing night snores. It is also a non-toxic material. It is perfect for use in medical products that have direct contact with the human body.

This TSD is also easy to use, now that it comes in one piece. There is no need to assemble parts to produce the final product. When it comes to fitting it onto the tongue, you only have to place the flange between the teeth and lips, pinch the tip while sucking out the air, then allow the end of the tongue to slide into the bulb while you gently release the fingers.


Thanks to its lightweight properties, the sleeping mouthguard to keep your mouth closed is an excellent selection for mouth snoring people. It does not exert any pressure on the tongue or jaws, allowing you to enjoy your sleep all night.

However, the thing makes the tip of your tongue protrude slightly, which can be pretty uncomfortable in the initial days. But after days of practice, it becomes less uneasy. You may want to note that it can be pretty challenging to swallow your saliva without pulling the tongue stabiliser when you first use it. But with time, it becomes less strenuous as well.


With MADs, you have to undergo a rigorous adjusting of the lower jaw palate to ensure that it fits well and does not move while you sleep. This step takes time to master and is time-consuming, especially since you may need to readjust the palates a few nights after your first use.

Tongue stabilising devices, on the other hand, make the work less stressful. You only have to insert the tip of your tongue into the bulb. More so, you do not have to worry about the size of your tongue since only the end needs to fit into the tiny space. One size truly fits all when it comes to this TSD.


Whether you sleep with mouth shut or open, this item allows you to enjoy your favourite sleeping habits with ease. This item does not forcefully open the mouth, as is the case with other snoring mouthpieces. Instead, it allows you to sleep as you usually would and breathe through your preferred air passage. And it also helps you to sleep with mouth shut.

Guarantee and savings

The manufacturer gives you a 30-day money back guarantee. You get to buy the item at its total price and test it to see how effective it is. If within 30 days you won’t have sen satisfactory results, you can return it to the manufacturer and receive a full refund. This cash excludes shipping and handling fees.

The producer also offers other offers that reduce your expenses when getting this tongue stabilising device. Ideally, you can get the single pack, but if you want to save a little something on the side, you have an option of getting the multipack solution that has two pieces at a discounted price.

1.  SnoRemover™

Here at Anti Snore Doc, after years of research and testing many mouth pieces on the market, we are confident that the Sno Remover™ is the best anti snore mouthpiece on the market today.

Snoring SolutionThis mouthpiece proves to be instantly effective, comfortable and easy to use. This mouthpiece will improve your standard of living by solving your snoring problems for both you and your partner.


Hygiene routine for maintaining anti-snoring mouthpieces

The manufacturer recommends that you brush it every day to keep the build-up bacteria at bay. The best time to do this is in the morning when brushing your teeth, obviously so that you do not forget to clean them. In addition to brushing, disinfecting it using a good mouthwash will help keep your snoring mouthguard in pristine condition all through. Soaking it in a lukewarm salt and water solution also helps to combat stinking breath.  Consequently, it helps keep its life span within the expected timeline.

While it is tempting and seemingly more hygienic to use a mouthwash to soak your anti-snoring mouthpieces, you should ask your doctor whether it is advisable to do that. The thermoplastic material may manage to endure long nights of teeth-clenching, but the harsh bacteria-eradicating chemicals in your mouthwash can wear it out before its expiry date.

Want to assure a fresh and hygienic anti-snoring mouthpiece appliance we also earlier suggested to use specialized cleaning tablets like from Soak. They kill  99.9% of odor-causing bacteria and leave your anti snoring device pristine and mint flavoured.

They are specially designed for mouthguards and generate a large amount of active oxygen, sterilizing and eliminating odors, and have excellent cleaning and deodorizing functions.

Just drop one tablet into glass with tap water and soak your anti mouthpiece appliance for 15 minutes. Your anti snoring device will now be pristine, with a smooth mint flavor, and ready to use.

Limitations of anti-snoring mouthpieces

Snoring in your sleep occurs due to several reasons.  The light reasons that cause snoring you can tackle with the help of these anti-snoring devices. In other cases, however, you may have to look for other solutions that will effectively solve the cause of your snoring. While you may go to lengths to ensure that you and your roommate sleep peacefully, it’s good to note that anti snoring mouthpieces will not:

Alleviate sleep apnea

Sleep apnea is a condition that is characterised by the blockage of the upper airway. A blocked airway equates to difficulty breathing, and in the case of sleep apnea, it contributes to irregular breathing patterns. Sleep apnea has detrimental side effects that could stir life-threatening health conditions like high blood pressure, heart attacks, type 2 diabetes, mood swings, accidents, daytime sleeping, and stroke.

In such cases, a breathing machine will come in handy since it will boost your lungs to create a healthy and regular breathing pattern. Your doctor will determine whether you require CPAP, APAP, or BiPapa breathing machines to alleviate your breathing issue, thereby eradicating the thunderous noise.

Ease respirator-induced snoring

Sinusitis is one of the respiratory conditions that may lead to snoring at night. The most eminent symptoms of this are discomfort in the nose and the nasal passage. Prolonged itchiness can lead to a stuffed nose, leaving a person to breathe through the nose, resulting in snoring.

Antibiotic treatment coupled with a breathing machine will help ease the discomfort and unclog the congested nose.

Help in reducing obesity-related snores

Obesity is a lifestyle condition that affects millions of Britons, and it is a factor that leads to snorting. The fat that grows in the throat narrows the air passage, and it can trigger snoring. Anti-snoring mouthpieces can help in this instance since they can help open the throat.

Obese individuals have to make lifestyle changes that will reduce the fat and ease the snoring eventually.

Alternative anti-snoring solutions

If you have tried using an anti-snoring mouth device to stop snoring at night, it is time to consider alternative medical options that have a very high success rate.

Breathing machines

CPAP Machines

These are helpful when it comes to easing breathing problems that lead to sleep apnea. Obstructive apneas, whether mild, moderate, or severe, need medical attention. Continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) machines produce pressurised air at a steady level.

Automatic positive airway pressure (APAP) machines are much more advanced in technology in that they change their settings automatically to match your breathing pattern throughout the night.

Bi-level positive airway pressure machines have two settings that cover your inhaling and exhaling patterns. Individuals with an abnormal amount of carbon dioxide in their blood would benefit from such a machine.


In some cases, children and adults alike suffer from sleep apnea due to enlarged tonsils and adenoids. Doctors can procure a minimally invasive surgery to get rid of these, making nighttime bearable. Adults who have problems using mouthguards but have elongated soft tissue palates should also consider taking advantage of surgical options. Still keep in mind the problem can come back and surgery is also needed again.

Treating chronic allergies

Nasal congestion, usually caused by allergic reactions to dust and other allergens, leads to snoring. In cases like these, the patient has to consult a doctor for further treatment options. The right medication may eventually rule out the need to undergo invasive surgeries or use sleeping aids that reduce snoring.

It would help if you stayed away from environments that have allergens that trigger your reaction. This way, you will avoid spiking a reaction and suffering the effects at night. Masks and other protective gear will help solve the problem faster and keep you out of the danger zone.

In addition to medical treatments, you may want to consider other changes that will help ease the noise and ensure that you do not have to repeat some surgeries.

Lifestyle changes

Some people are notorious for taking alcohol right before bed or indulging in heavy meals and sugary snacks. If you fall under this category of people, you should consider eliminating some things from your diet, especially in the evening. Alcohol relaxes the muscles near your throat opening. When they relax, they move a little to the back, especially back sleepers. As a result, they block the airway and lead to heavy snoring when you sleep.

Sedatives and other drugs may also have the same effect as alcohol. And while they may be important in relieving pain or inducing sleep, users are cautioned to use them a few hours before going to bed. That will help to minimise the effect they have on you and how you snore.

Weight Loss

As mentioned above, obesity is a risk factor for snoring. The excess fat usually finds conducive places to cling to, which unfortunately include the throat. One of the healthy practices you should foster is eating healthy meals and staying away from snacks and sugary things that add empty calories to your body.

Additionally, eating dinner a few hours before your bedtime will help you avoid accumulating fat around the hot zones. Simple habits like these will go a long way in ensuring that you do not have to endure long, unpleasant nights because of snoring.

Pillows and reclining beds

Back sleepers are more susceptible to snoring because the position provides a conducive posture for allowing the soft palate tissues to move backwards. Side sleepers may also be culprits of such a problem if they are the kind that has bad sleeping positions. An elevated pillow that inclines the head will help adjust the sleeping position to a much better one in both cases.

Reclining beds would also work similarly, enabling the snorer to sleep in a position that won’t foster snoring even with the mouth closed.

Side sleeping

While some people still snore even when they sleep on the side, it has been seen to have fewer adverse effects than back sleeping. This position keeps the airway open, thus eliminating the unnecessary vibration of the throat muscles.

A good pillow will help keep your head in the perfect position even as a constant mover. Thick and firm pillows do the trick in such instances.


Do snoring mouthguards work?

Snoring mouthguards are effective in helping alleviate mouth snoring. Even so, a combination of these gadgets and a dedicated change in lifestyle patterns will ensure that you get rid of snoring completely.

* The National Center for Biotechnology Information concludes that the adjustable mandibular positioning appliance (like SnoRemover™) is an effective treatment for snoring.

Are there separate anti-snoring devices for males and females?

There are no specific anti-snoring devices for males and females. They come in a one-size-fits-all design that both genders can use. However, some companies provide small and regular sizes to account for this need.

What is the best-rated anti snoring mouthpiece?

After much testing and years of research, the Anti Snore Doc has found that SnoRemover™ is consistently the best anti snore device on the market. Check out our store here, to buy yours today.

How much does an anti-snoring mouthpiece cost?

The price of each anti-snoring device varies depending on the features, manufacturer, complexity, and performance rate. Note that custom-made ones also cost much more than those that are made with everyone in mind. The variation also determines how much you would spend on getting one. A cheap snoring mouthpiece could also be an imitation of the original one.

Are anti-snoring mouth devices the same as sleep apnea gadgets?

No, they are not the same. Anti-snoring devices and sleep apnea gadgets work differently since they each tackle a different problem. While both items require a prescription, sleep apnea machines are only prescribed after extensive observation by the doctor.

When should I consider using  CPAP, BiPAP, and APAP machines?

This is not a decision you can make on your own. Your doctor will determine if you need the intervention of external help to regulate your breathing pattern.

Is surgery a good option to clear snoring?

Surgery is only prescribed when the doctor evaluates your position and finds no other solution to it. Enlarged tonsils and over relaxed throat tissues that do not respond to oral snoring guards are some of the reasons that could warrant surgery.


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