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An Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece Appliance Saved My Marriage

An Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece Appliance Saved My Marriage

It wasn’t too long ago that I was having to sleep on my own in the spare room every single night. Why? Well, my snoring had become so bad that it was badly affecting my wife’s ability to get some quality shuteye. Sounding more like a warthog than a human being when I slept, it wasn’t long before I started scouring the internet for an anti-snoring mouthpiece appliances.

I took a few days searching for the best anti-snoring device, as I realised how important it was to find the right one. I really needed it to be effective. After reading the compelling info on this link about the SnoRemover from Anti Snore Doc, I realised I was on to a winner and so I placed my order, content that I wouldn’t find anything better.  

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I’m not going to lie, my 15-year marriage was suffering as a result of the trauma I was putting my better half through every night, so for the sake of preserving it, I decided to buy the aforementioned SnoRemover. According to the packaging, it was officially known as an anti-snoring mouthpiece appliance, but all I really cared about was whether it would work. 


Just Another Sleep-Deprived Day

anti snoring mouthpiece

It was a day just like any other, with both myself and my wife having bleary eyes from yet another sleepless night – I haven’t yet mentioned that I still kept my other half awake from the spare room! 

Then, out of the blue, my mouthpiece appliance arrived in the mail, coming in a small, yet impressive-looking white and green box.

I read through the simple instructions and after a couple of simple, easy-to-follow steps, it was ready for use that evening. The science behind the device goes something like this…it pushes your lower jaw forwards by just a few millimetres – enough to release the back of the tongue and stop it causing those wood-sawing vibrations at night!

What Wearing the Device Was Like
Ok, so night-time came and the moment came for me to pop in my anti-snoring mouthpiece appliance, which if I’m honest, felt a little uncomfortable to begin with. That only lasted a moment though, as the new position my lower jaw was in, actually began to feel more natural. When it came to sleep time, I had completely gotten used to wearing it. 

I had been worried about being able to get to sleep with it in my mouth, but it was remarkably comfortable once in place. Before too long, I started to drop off in the normal way, completely oblivious about the magic that was about to happen. When I woke the next morning, I was…

Completely Refreshed For the Next Day!
To say I was impressed with the results provided by my mouthpiece appliance from Anti Snore Doc would be a massive understatement. For a moment, it felt like a dream, but yes, it was true…I’d actually had a great night’s sleep. I didn’t feel the usual drag and I got out of bed and was getting on with my day in seconds. The question was…how did my wife sleep?

I marched over to her room and found her bed empty and music playing from the kitchen downstairs – a good sign indeed! For the first time in a long time, I met my wife’s gaze and she looked energized and for once, happy to see me! I could tell that her sleep had been every bit as sound as mine.

I’m Back In the Marital Bed Again
I’m very pleased to say that this is a pattern that continued from that night onwards, with every night coming and going without any disruption to my sleep or that of my wife. My SnoRemover has allowed me to return to bed with my wife and it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that this nifty little anti-snoring mouthpiece appliance has saved my marriage.

Not only are me and my partner now closer and happier, but I have so much more ‘get up and go’ about me – I’ve even started back down at the gym again! The good news is that if it worked for me – someone who had all but given up on finding a solution – it can work for anyone. 

Take Control of Your Life Again – Like I Did!
So, if you’re looking at products that help with snoring for yourself, I would sincerely recommend that you give SnoRemover a try like I did. It was extremely easy to fit, comfortable to wear and the results absolutely speak for themselves. Incredible that something so small and unassuming could have such a profound effect on our lives. 

How you choose to deal with your snoring problem is your prerogative, but take it from me, this gizmo really works and it can work for you too! What have you got to lose apart from those sleepless nights?


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